Boat Storage Agreement

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    1. The Owner is required to provide the Marina with a minimum of 72 hours notice when requiring their boat, or access to their boat, during the boating season (March.1 to October.31). For customers making use of our summer ready services (Summerize/Repairs/Detailing/Delivery/PickUp) you are required to provide a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice. There will be no access to the boats over the winter months (Dec.1 to Feb.28).
    2. Storage fees are due in advance and are non-refundable or transferable. No refunds or credits for unused storage. Deposits are non-refundable. When terminating ANNUAL storage, the owner is to provide the Marina with 60 days notice by email to [email protected] or it is assumed they are renewing and will be invoiced accordingly. If this notice is not given, the owner will be subject to a 3 month penalty calculated at the monthly advertised rate.
    3. All invoices are due upon receipt. Non receipt of an invoice will not excuse liability for amounts due. The Owner agrees to pay a finance charge of 2% per month for all amounts not paid when due.
    4. The Owner agrees to maintain all insurances on the boat and trailer at all times. Please leave a copy of the trailer's insurance inside the boat's glove box.
    5. The Owner agrees not to store any hazardous or illegal materials or substances in their boat.
    6. The Owner agrees to hold harmless the Marina for all loses or damage to the property, whether caused by fire, theft, vandalism, rack failure or any other cause whatsoever. This includes our valet and delivery service to slips or lifts.
    7. The Owner agrees that neither the Marina, nor its agents or employees shall be liable for any damages, loss, destruction or deterioration of or to said property, or any things attached thereto or left thereon or the contents thereof. The Marina shall not be held responsible for damages caused through the reasonable and prudent actions of its agents or employees.
    8. The Owner understands that neither they, nor outside contractors or individuals, shall be permitted to undertake any work on any boat stored at the premises, without the consent of the Marina. All boating services are available through the Marina.
    9. The Owner understands that the Marina shall have a lien on all property as security to cover financial responsibilities and will be responsible for all costs associated in enforcing such liens including but not limited to legal fees.
    10. The Valet / delivery Service is based on a first come first served basis. The Marina will make every effort to accommodate customer requests. Covers off/on, ensuring drain plugs are in, transom straps are on, batteries are charged are the responsibility of the Owner. A 15 minute allowance is included in all valet services to cover time taken to deliver or collect the boat. Battery boosting, waiting on customers or customer related delays will be charged at $20 per 15 minute thereafter.
    11. The boat will not be released to any person other than the Owner or a person listed above in this agreement as "approved" or without written consent, giving the Marina a minimum of 24 hours notice. 12. The Owner understands that if selling their boat, viewings are not allowed at the Marina. Brokerage / consignment services are available.
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