Trade Ins Welcome

Trade in Your Old Boat and Apply the Tax Savings to Your New Boat!

2015-SeaRay-270-Sundeck-2851-X5At Dockside Marine Centre, we pride ourselves as a full- service dealership. We are here to help you if you already own a boat.

As a full- service dealership, we welcome the opportunity to evaluate your existing boat as a potential trade-in when purchasing your new boat from Dockside Marine Centre.  When you have a trade-in the value given saves you 12% taxes on your new purchase.

We at Dockside also are interested in hearing about your current boat if you would like to sell it outright or consign it with us. We have a huge data-base with many buyers interested in your boat.

We have several professionals at our locations who have the knowledge and resources to assess a cash value for your current boat.

“So, what is the tax saving by trading my boat in to buy your new boat, and how does it work”

Let’s say, for example your boat has a value of $15,000.00. SLX_310S_cover3-S

Good question!

The new boat you want to buy is $40,000.00. Taxes on that amount is $4800.00

However, if we can give you $15,000.00 for it as a trade-in, depending on condition, you pay $25,000.00 difference, so tax is calculated on $25,000.00 and is only $3000.00.

So, you save $1800.00 in tax and your old boat is history!

Sound like a plan?